Looking For The Best Software Outsourcing Company?

For over 20 years, Inverted Software has been providing a full spectrum of custom software development outsourcing services to leading companies around the globe. We focus on custom-fit, flexible solutions to address your time-sensitive requirements. Inverted’s major strength is the ability to provide high quality services quickly with sustainable savings over the lifecycle of software products. We achieve this objective by using a highly effective Bi-Shore™ custom software development and delivery process that combines U.S. quality with offshore prices.

Why Choose Us As your Software Outsourcing Company

Flexibility and Modular, Self-contained Practices. Inverted Software resources can be used over an extended period of time as a predictable, low-cost extension of your development team. The process reduces the overhead, administration costs, and pain of short-term but frequent development cycles. Inverted Software expertly manages both long-term, open-ended engagements and well-defined, time sensive, projects. As an experienced software development outsourcing partner, we have perfected a clean, economical approach for entering and exiting your development process at the right time, using the right resources. We ensure your satisfaction with clear acceptance criteria, and conduct a complete knowledge transfer at the end of the engagement period.

Our Proprietary Software Development Process Insures Results

Efficient Bi-shore delivery mechanism allows Inverted Software to provide a price-performance advantage. The US-based business analysis, architecture, project management, deployment, and QA is augmented by Inverted Software’s offshore development teams to optimize resource allocation and sustain price and performance advantage over your application lifecycle.

Custom Fit For Your Needs

Custom-fit solutions that leverage off-the-shelf quality software products and pre-existing Inverted Siftware-developed packages.The combination of industry-leading quality products, pre-existing Inverted Software code and custom code are powerful levers that allow Inverted Software to deliver solutions that meet varied aspects of our customers’ requirements within extremely tight deadlines.